Startup Revamp Moto Starts Manufacturing Its First 120 Motorcycles

At its inaugural micro-factory in Nasik, Maharashtra, India, electric two-wheeler manufacturing startup Revamp Moto has started producing its first 120 bikes, known as the RM Buddie 25.

The company claims that the Buddie was designed entirely in-house and is being produced with the intention of catering to customers who want to buy a two-wheeled electric vehicle (EV) that can serve various purposes and enable them to carry out business operations effectively while on the go.

“As a brand, Revamp Moto spent over 3 years in R&D to develop the blueprint of one of India’s fastest swappable and customisable EVs for India’s micro-entrepreneurial community,” stated Pritesh Mahajan, CEO and co-founder of Revamp Moto. Micro-entrepreneurs of all stripes will be empowered by the RM Buddie 25 and Revamp ecosystem, which will enable them to run their businesses effectively while on the go and simplify their lives.

The plant can manufacture 25,000 bikes, and Revamp Moto plans to start shipping its first 120 bikes to clients in November.

The RM Buddie 25 can carry up to 120 kg, including the driver’s weight, and travel over 70 km on a single charge.

Five interchangeable attachments are included with the bike: a saddle bag, an insulated bag, an insulated box, a carrier, and an extra rear seat. Nearly all of the needs of diligent micro-entrepreneurs who operate on the go, such as vegetable vendors and independent small-scale retailers, will be met by these attachments.

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