Uno Minda Introduces A New Line Of Alloy Wheels To The Indian Aftermarket

The starting price of these alloy wheels is Rs. 5,990.

There are many different types of wheels available in the aftermarket, with steel and aluminum alloy being the more lightweight, strong, and stylish option. Nevertheless, alloy wheels that are precisely balanced and composed of premium raw materials are hard to come by, which is necessary for a smooth driving experience.

Uno Minda, a Tier 1 supplier of proprietary automotive solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), recently launched its new range of alloy wheels in the Indian aftermarket in partnership with Kosei Aluminum Co., a Japanese global player in the design and manufacturing of aluminum alloy wheels, in recognition of the urgent need to ensure higher road safety in India.

Along with being compatible with both regular and radial tube tires, these alloy wheels come in a variety of sizes and designs. According to all quality compliance laws and standards established in India, every category—Sharp, Space, Wonder, Wave, Shark, and Vega—is constructed to last and is meant to impress.

These wheels’ outstanding, sturdy construction and design, which incorporate Japanese technology, are their main selling points. They guarantee longevity, durability, and exceptional performance because they are engineered using LPDC and GDC technology in strictly regulated, standardized manufacturing facilities in India.

Because they are lighter, they can accelerate and handle the road better, making for a safer ride while also using less fuel. Moreover, they have a lower probability of rusting.

The Head of Product & Strategy, Aftermarket Domain, Uno Minda, Anand Kumar, gave a speech at the event and stated, “We noticed over the past few years that the Indian aftermarket was plagued with substandard alloy wheels, which was compromising road safety in India.” In light of this, Uno Minda introduced Uno Minda Wheelz, a premium line of alloy wheels with the tagline “Built to perform, designed to impress.”

All brick-and-mortar and online retailers carry Uno Minda Wheelz, with a suggested retail price of Rs. 5,990. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is further demonstrated by the fact that they come with a comprehensive 2-year finish and manufacturing warranty from the date of manufacture.

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