Aston Martin's Collaboration with Honda in Formula One | New Engine Regulations Prompt 2023

Honda in Formula Onewill be a factory Formula One supplier once again in 2026 thanks to a new relationship announced by Aston Martin and the Japanese automaker. New engine regulations for Formula One will go into effect at the same time as this partnership. It’s interesting to note that Fernando Alonso, who had a tumultuous split from Honda in 2015 over his harsh criticism of their F1 efforts, is now a driver for Aston Martin. On Wednesday in Tokyo, the team made an official announcement on their working relationship with Honda, stating their aim to keep Alonso on board through the 2026 season.

Aston Martin and Honda Join Forces for Formula One’s Sustainable Future

The allure of F1’s new rules, which are in line with the sport’s goal to become carbon neutral by 2030, persuaded Honda to take on a bigger engine role. These upcoming laws, which go into effect in 2026, will mandate an output power ratio of 50% for both the engine and the electric motor while only using fuel that is 100% sustainable.

Under the new rules of the sport, Ford has declared its willingness to return to Formula One in 2026 alongside Red Bull. Similar to Michael Andretti, General Motors, doing business as the Cadillac brand, has indicated its interest in entering Formula One. The 2021 season, which also marked Max Verstappen’s maiden championship victory, saw the end of Honda’s works partnership with Red Bull. Honda has since remained a technical partner for both Red Bull and AlphaTauri. It should be noted that Mercedes is currently Aston Martin’s engine supplier.

The FIA has given the go-ahead for engines made by Alpine, Mercedes, Audi, Ferrari, Honda, and Red Bull in collaboration with Ford for the 2026 racing season. Audi will also enter Formula One for the first time as a new competitor. The head of Honda Racing Corp. was asked right away after Honda announced its comeback if the engine manufacturer would be willing to work with Fernando Alonso. Despite having a tense relationship with McLaren during Alonso’s time there, the 41-year-old driver is having an incredible career comeback in his first year with Aston Martin.

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