Zoomcar Offers Up To 50% Off Prices for Self-Drive Car Sharing and introduces Thrift Store

Zoomcar recently launched the Thrift Store, a new product category on its platform that offers discounts of up to 50% for same-day reservations and up to 30% to 45% for next-day reservations. Zoomcar offers a wide range of cars in over 45 cities in India, including luxury cars, MUVs, SUVs, EVs, and hatchbacks. It also provides delivery services to visitors at transit hubs like airports and train stations.

Zoomcar CEO and Co-Founder Greg Moran stated, “We want to really kick it with Thrift Store, where visitors can feel the liberation of unplanned self-drive travel. For our local hosts, it’s a game-changer because it allows them to maximise their earnings, make their cars instantly available for bookings, and support a more effective and sustainable carsharing ecosystem. Zoomcar is steadfastly committed to making self-driving not only convenient but also reasonably priced for the average consumer, so this is not a one-time marketing campaign but an ongoing product offering.

Local hosts on the Zoomcar platform can choose to activate this feature in order to increase the usage of their vehicles during the weekdays with the goal of increasing their overall earnings, in contrast to cab rentals, which usually have surge pricing for sudden demand.

Zoomcar’s president, Adarsh Menon, stated: “Given the flexibility and seclusion of self-driving, Zoomcar’s Thrift Store is our solution to providing one of the most practical and affordable travel options. We want our clients to be able to drive a car with confidence and freedom from worrying about unforeseen expenses, going broke, or even not being the owner. It is our goal and promise to give the hosts more bookings and consistent revenue.

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