Charzer Installs EV Charging Stations at WTC in Bengaluru

Four quick EV charging stations have been installed by Charzer at the World Trade Center in Bengaluru, and both staff and guests can use the Charzer app to access them.

Smart electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been installed at the World Trade Center in Bengaluru by Charzer, an EV charging station aggregation platform.

The designated area, which is accessible to both staff and guests, has four fast charging stations for cars and two-wheelers on the ground floor of the multi-level parking garage.

By downloading the Charzer app, which grants access to the charging stations, EV owners can make use of the stations. The facility is open to WTC employees, Orion Mall customers, and guests of the various businesses on campus. All EV owners have access to the EV charging zone.

“With the rising adoption of EVs in Bengaluru over the past few years, having convenient access to EV charging has become an essential amenity in commercial properties,” stated Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal, CEO and co-founder of Charzer. We are devoted to our goal of hastening the adoption of electric vehicles, and we are installing free charging stations in any commercial space that requests the service.”

EV owners can easily park and charge their cars in Charzer’s charging zone while taking part in a variety of campus activities, he continued.

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