Jio and MG Motor India collaborating to offer Hinglish in-car voice assistance in the Comet EV.

The attached The Hello Jio Voice Assistant has received training to comprehend native Indian speakers who speak in a variety of regional dialects and tones throughout India.

In order to provide seamless integration of experiences powered by Jio’s Digital Assets and Hinglish Voice Assistant-enabled experiences in its recently launched Comet EV, MG Motor India has partnered with Jio Platforms.

The digital service provider Jio from India offers cutting-edge automotive solutions that are intended to deliver a variety of experiences. Customers of the MG Comet EV will gain access to Jio’s cutting-edge features, such as the nation’s first Hinglish Voice Assistant system integrated with music apps, payment apps, connectivity platforms, and hardware.

The integrated The Hello Jio Voice Assistant has been trained to comprehend native speakers from India who speak in a variety of regional dialects and tones. Beyond in-vehicle command and control, Hello Jio offers Indian users a voice assistant for their cars that includes dialogs. The dialogs on Hello Jio offer details on a variety of topics, including cricket, the weather, news, and horoscopes. With a few simple voice commands, the user can play music directly, turn the AC on or off, and even inquire about the cricket score.

MG Motor India‘s deputy managing director, Gaurav Gupta, commented on the collaboration by saying, “Our current partnership with a tech innovator like Jio in the Smart Mobility space is a step towards establishing MG Motor as a tech leader in the automotive industry. The MGI-Jio partnership will guarantee that our recently released MG Comet EV enhances the driving experience for GenZ customers while ensuring safety and In-Car experiences supported by excellent technology.

Jio’s cutting-edge eSIM, which is built into the MG Comet EV during manufacturing and plays a critical role in increasing vehicle safety, is included as standard equipment. Additionally, it allows for the vehicle’s identification and the encryption of communications while it is in motion.

According to Ashish Lodha, President of Jio Platforms, “HelloJio Voice Assistant, Streaming, Payment Apps, eSIM, Jio IOT will enable MG users to access real-time connectivity, infotainment, and connected car experiences with a new dimension of “Talk to your car”. It is a commitment to technological evolution in the automobile industry with innovation as its key pillar.”

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