MG Comet EV 2023 First look | Price, Range, Interior, Specifications and more


The MG Comet EV, which is MG Motor’s second electric car in India, is scheduled to be launched in a few weeks. The car manufacturer publicly revealed the micro electric vehicle with two doors on Wednesday, April 19. The cabin of the electric vehicle with four seats has been showcased in pictures, revealing various internal characteristics. MG Motor had previously given a sneak peek of some of these characteristics before the official inauguration event took place earlier this week. Check out the features available in the interior of the MG Comet EV in a brief overview.

MG Comet’s design, battery, powertrain and its key attributes.

A while back, Shiro Nakamura, Nissan’s design chief, quoted something about electric vehicles that has been dwell on. Electric vehicles of the future will retain the traditional car structure and not adopt a shapeless pod-like design. Their success would heavily rely on good design that includes attractive details and beautiful styling.

MG Comet's design, battery, powertrain and its key attributes.

As I approach the MG Comet EV, I can’t avoid pondering the accuracy of his words. This small but delightful object possesses a distinctive personality with its unique, daring and appealing nature. Its unique positioning sets it apart as more than just an affordable electric hatchback, but rather a lifestyle-oriented vehicle that raises the standards of the traditional hatchback to an unprecedented level.

My initial focus is on the nose, which features a small, shelf-like structure. It adds diversity to what is essentially a uniform structure design. The presence of a piano-black chrome and LED strip that encircles both the front and rear creates an impression of refinement, while the location of the headlights closer to the ground, along with their chrome bracketing, enhances the overall upscale aesthetic.

The most remarkable aspect, notwithstanding, is the ‘pillarless appearance’ achieved through the seamless integration of the front windscreen, front quarter glass, side window, and fixed ‘dropped’ rear window. This automobile is awesome; compared to other cars, it possesses a greater amount of attitude for its weight. It’s little in size. Measuring a mere 2.9 metres in length and 1.5 metres in width, this vehicle is equipped with diminutive 12-inch wheels and slender 145mm tires.

Despite the presence of a 17.3kWh battery, the vehicle’s weight on the curb is only 815kg. The intriguing aspect of this situation is that the motor solely transmits 40.7hp to the back wheels, in addition to being equipped with disc brakes on all four wheels. According to reports, the electric vehicle can cover a distance of 200 to 250km on a full charge, which is ample for urban driving, and it requires 8.5 hours to charge from 0-100 percent. Unfortunately, DC charging is not available, which is a drawback.

MG Comet’s interior, space, features and more

MG Comet's interior, space, features and more

The MG Comet EV boasts a spacious and well-equipped interior. Firstly, there is no element of affordability or simplicity prevalent in this context. The absence of an abundance of inexpensive plastic materials as well as unsophisticated design elements produces a cabin that doesn’t seem as though it was meticulously planned and budgeted by an accountant.

The color scheme and intricate details are both elegant and refined, with top-notch components that could easily fit in with MG’s Hector, resulting in a bright and spacious overall appearance. Direct your attention to the exquisitely designed steering wheel that strikingly resembles the dual click wheels of an Apple iPod – reminiscent, isn’t it?

My attention is immediately drawn to the matching 10.25-inch displays set side by side, reminiscent of Mercedes, as well as the sleek rotary air conditioning controls made from what appears to be a solid block of aluminum. I particularly admire the knobby chrome coating on the rotary gear shifter, which is situated in a distinct compartment. Additionally, I appreciate how the door panels are coated in shades of gray and white.

Notably, the touchscreen feature is exceptional as it is precise, smooth, well-organized, and user-friendly. One has the ability to rearrange widgets and personalize their device’s main screen as well. Although the screens are positioned at a lower level, the view ahead remains unobstructed. Nevertheless, certain areas of the instrument panel are blocked by the steering wheel.

Additional complaints about this vehicle are that there is a lack of a storage compartment, if two wider individuals are seated next to each other they will experience friction while turning, there is no extra tire and the utilization of the trunk is limited to folding one of the back seats which divides at a ratio of 50:50.

The spacing at the front area along with the level of comfort is fairly satisfactory. Despite its narrow design, the EV cabin boasts a spacious impression due to its level ground and towering ceiling that comes with it. The utilization of colors such as white and grey proves to be beneficial. Moreover, the capacious front seats featuring built-in headrests are plush and pliable, providing commendable shoulder reinforcement. Their size is expansive enough to provide comfort for extended periods of time.

Since there aren’t any rear doors, it is necessary for you to fold the front seats ahead and slip through them to reach the back. Sliding in comfortably is easily achievable as the front seat and door aperture offer sufficient width, making it not much of a task. After moving towards the back, the area for the legs and head is fairly decent and the extensive rear window fills the interior with ample illumination. The positioning of the seat is rather low, causing your knees to be elevated while seated, and alongside this, the headrests are minuscule and immovable.

The MG Comet EV, although compact in form, has achieved the feat of accommodating four seats courtesy of MG Motor. The cabin features an impressive dual digital touchscreen panel that serves a dual purpose, functioning as both the driver display and the infotainment screen. The centre console features a set of physical buttons that allow for the management of several functions, including air conditioning.

Mounted controls are present on the two-spoke steering wheel. Previously, MG Motor stated that their steering wheel’s design was influenced by the nostalgic appearance of previous generation iPods. The driver is devoid of any armrest provision by the central console.

The MG Comet EV features collapsible seats at the back that can be segregated to create additional room for storing baggage. There are no distinct charging points or exclusive AC vents provided for the back seat passengers. All four seats are equipped with three-point seat belts.

In India, even the most advanced car models are expected to be equipped with ABS, twin airbags, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, and potentially ESP for added safety features. Additional characteristics comprise of an electrified stationary brake, an aid for commencing on an incline, luminous LED front and back lights, and entry without requiring a key, among several more attributes.

MG Comet’s performance, ride quality, handling and more

MG Comet's performance, ride quality, handling and more

The MG Comet excels in its abilities in terms of performance, ride, and handling. Despite its modest 40.7hp power output, its lightweight structure requires minimal effort to propel. The reason why it feels enthusiastic and enthusiastic is because the entire twisting force is instantly accessible once you press the accelerator. Whilst there isn’t an abrupt surge of power, the energy builds up steadily. Nevertheless, one can efficiently overtake slower vehicles by accelerating the MG car with an ample push of the accelerator pedal.

Particularly in the speed range of 40 to 70 kilometers per hour, which is an optimal zone, a mere tap on the accelerator will deliver short yet satisfying spurts of speed. Activating the Sport mode provides a slight enhancement to the vehicle’s performance. The speed performance of the vehicle remains consistent up to a speed of 85 kilometers per hour, after which there is no significant increase in speed. The displayed maximum velocity of 105kph likely equates to an actual speed of around 100kph.

It’s quite unexpected that the vehicle with its small 12-inch wheels and narrow track exhibits considerable stability even at high speeds. At faster velocities while navigating uneven terrain, it becomes necessary to make minor adjustments as the vehicle transitions and jolts over bumps. Sitting at a reasonable elevation, one can appreciate the pleasing panorama beyond. The braking mechanism functions effectively, the pedal provides a pleasant sensation, and to top it off, there appears to be an abundance of leftover stopping force. Selecting from a range of three regenerative levels allows for simple customization of the car’s settings to suit personal preferences.

The Comet from MG is at its peak performance in urban areas, thanks to its pleasantly effortless steering, swift electric motor, and silky ride quality that together create a refreshing and breezy driving experience. Even the baby MG exhibits impressive riding proficiency. Everyday obstacles and typical rough patches are smoothly navigated with effective damping and control, without any jarring impact or sudden jolt from the suspension system. Its stability is compromised by significant cavities and deep bumps, causing it to experience turbulence, necessitating a decrease in speed or finding an alternative route.

It runs quietly as well, with minimal road noise and electric motor hum audible only at faster velocities. Large speed bumps pose no significant challenge for it. Although this vehicle is agile in an urban setting, it does not derive pleasure from being driven at high speeds around bends. The vehicle experiences noticeable body motion at moderate speeds, and the tires have limited traction. It is advisable to drive it in a calm and composed manner.

MG Comet EV’s verdict

MG Comet EV's verdict

The decision regarding MG Comet EV has been reached. As urban areas become increasingly congested and traffic grows more intense, maneuvering through the streets is becoming more challenging. Therefore, there exists a significant demand for a contemporary, cozy, and compact vehicle designed specifically for metropolitan commuting. The ideal vehicle must possess swift maneuverability, productivity, and minimal weight, with effortless handling.

It must have a superior interior design, comprehensive features, and most importantly, incorporate the latest technological advancements. The Comet EV by MG impressively meets diverse demands and offers something novel, despite requiring significant sacrifices. It would have been preferable if the interior had more space, an increase in performance would have been appreciated, and the fact that it only has three doors may not be favored by some.

After folding down the rear seats, the boot can be utilized, however, the battery’s range is restricted to urban areas only. However, if you desire a compact urban vehicle that is eco-friendly, cost-efficient, self-motivated, boasts excellent technological features, is cozy, sturdily constructed, and offers a stimulating and effortless driving experience, the Comet from MG might be the perfect electric car for your lifestyle. The upcoming MG Comet EV car may be considered too advanced for its time and potential customers may opt to allocate the estimated price range of Rs 8 lakh-12 lakh towards alternative purchases. Yet, the Comet by MG has arrived and it’s specifically targeting those who are keen on being the first to embrace new technologies and trends. Are you among them?

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