Snap-E Cabs' electric car numbers increased to 600 in Kolkata.

In addition to expanding its fleet size and entering newer markets like Bhubaneswar and Raipur, Snap-E-Cabs, which is currently active in Kolkata, also plans to expand into other cities.

On Tuesday, Snap-E Cabs, a company that offers on-demand electric cab services via an app, announced that it had increased the number of vehicles in its fleet in Kolkata to 600 thanks to significant partnerships with numerous other parties.

According to a statement released by the business, it has forged partnerships with Mufin Green Finance, Mahindra & Mahindra Finance, ICICI, and HDFC that are consistent with the platform’s expansion plans for the current fiscal year.

In addition to expanding into more recent markets like Bhubaneswar and Raipur, Snap-E-Cabs, which is currently active in Kolkata, said it plans to double the fleet size.

As the founder and CEO of Snap-E-Cabs, Mayank Bindal said, “These partnerships support our vision to offer environmentally friendly transportation options to our customers while extending our reach and enhancing our service offerings.

According to the business, its collaboration with Mufin entails a 100-car fleet that will be leased for five years. With the addition of these vehicles, Kolkata’s fleet of cabs will effectively grow from 400 to 500.

It said Snap-E Cabs could buy the vehicles back from Mufin Green Finance after the five-year lease term.

50 Tata Tigor vehicles will be leased for three years from Mahindra & Mahindra Finance in association with Snap-E Cabs. The platform will receive an additional 50 Tata Tigor vehicles thanks to a partnership between ICICI and HDFC.

According to the company, this partnership will increase the fleet of Snap-E Cabs in Kolkata by 600 taxis.

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