TPNODL Odisha Goes Green: Partners With PureEV for Sustainable Mobility


The “Pioneering the Green Initiative” programme has just been launched by Tata Power Northern Odisha Distribution (TPNODL). This is the first time in TPNODL’s history that they will use electric vehicles to carry out projects. The CEO of TPNODL was present for the ceremonial raising of the flag.

For this initiative, Pure EV has donated their top-of-the-line premium electric motorcycle, the eTryst 350. The eTryst 350 was introduced in August 2022, and its 3.5 kWh battery pack, which is AIS 156 certified, powers it. It has a top speed of 85 kmph and a range of 130 km on a single full charge.

Rohit Vadera, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pure EV, emphasised this eTryst 350 milestone, “We are very happy that TPNODL has selected us as a partner for their green initiative campaign. I would also like to thank our Odisha dealer – KK Trading, Bhubaneswar as they played an instrumental role in getting this order for us. This is a momentous occasion for the company as this instills a lot of faith and confidence in our vision for the future. We have limited ourselves to the B2C segment and now with this initiative, our foray into the B2B space has also truly begun. Our recently launched commute electric motorcycle ecoDryft has also garnered 10,000+ bookings from individuals, Institutions, Delivery agencies and even governmental bodies”.

The product line offered by Pure EV’s more than 130 exclusive dealerships in Pan India has been growing. By the end of 2023, the company wants to further spread out across 300 cities.

How TPNODL Is Leading the Charge for Clean Energy in India

TPNODL, an electricity distribution company in Odisha, India, is leading the charge for renewable energy and sustainability. Recently, TPNODL announced an exciting new partnership with PureEV, an electric vehicle company, to add electric vehicles to their fleet.

This is a huge step towards TPNODL’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. By transitioning their fleet of over 500 vehicles to electric over the next 3-5 years, TPNODL will significantly reduce carbon emissions and their dependence on fossil fuels. PureEV will provide the electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and maintenance for TPNODL.

TPNODL’s CEO shared: “We believe this partnership will revolutionize the way utilities function and make a positive environmental impact through sustainable mobility solutions.” Their vision is for a greener future with affordable, renewable energy for all.

Projects like this prove that TPNODL walks the walk when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility. TPNODL powers over 2.5 million customers throughout Odisha, so their push for clean energy has huge implications. By investing in solar and wind projects, transitioning their fleet to electric vehicles, and modernizing their grid infrastructure, TPNODL aims to accelerate India’s transition to renewable energy and make it accessible for people across Odisha.

TPNODL’s partnership with PureEV is a win-win and an inspiring example of how companies can work together to go green in a big way. Their innovative and forward-thinking environmental initiatives are paving the way for other utilities and organizations in India and beyond. The future is electric, and TPNODL is making it happen.

PureEV: Pioneering the Electric Vehicle Revolution in India

India’s First Electric Vehicle Company

PureEV is India’s first electric vehicle company, pioneering affordable and sustainable mobility solutions. Founded in 2012, PureEV designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of electric vehicles including e-cycles, e-scooters, e-rickshaws and customized vehicles. Their goal is to provide eco-friendly transportation options for people and goods.

A Commitment to Sustainability

PureEV is committed to sustainability and a greener future. Their electric vehicles produce zero direct emissions, reducing pollution and India’s dependence on oil for fuel. The company uses the latest lithium-ion battery technology to create efficient EVs that can travel 70-80 km on a single charge. They work with local communities to set up charging stations and raise awareness about the benefits of switching to electric mobility.

High Quality, Affordable EVs

While EVs are better for the environment, they have traditionally been more expensive than gas-powered options. PureEV is changing that by designing smart, affordable EVs suited to India’s needs. Their e-cycles start around $400 USD, e-scooters around $600 USD, and e-rickshaws around $2,500 USD. They cut costs through local sourcing and manufacturing, passing the savings onto customers.

The Future is Electric

As India’s cities grow more polluted and congested, the need for sustainable transport solutions is clear. PureEV is leading the drive toward an electric future, where EVs are an accessible and mainstream mode of transportation. By partnering with PureEV, Tata Power will join the EV revolution, using these sustainable mobility solutions to power their ambitious green initiatives and make a difference. The future is electric, and it’s here today thanks to companies like PureEV paving the way.

Transitioning Odisha to an EV Hub: TPNODL’s Vision

Accelerating EV Adoption

TPNODL has ambitious plans to transform Odisha into an EV hub. Their vision is to build a sustainable mobility ecosystem through partnerships, innovation and infrastructure development. Some of their key initiatives include:

Installing a network of fast charging stations across Bhubaneswar and other major cities in Odisha to reduce range anxiety for EV owners and encourage more people to go electric.

Providing special electricity tariffs for EV charging to make it more affordable.

Raising awareness about the benefits of EVs through promotional campaigns and events. They aim to educate people about how EVs can actually save them money in the long run through lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Charge with Renewable Energy

For the maximum environmental benefit, charge your EV using energy from renewable sources like solar or wind. See if your utility offers a renewable energy option or install solar panels on your home. Some public charging stations also use renewable energy. The greener the energy you use, the lower the carbon emissions from your EV.

Spread the Word

Educate others about the benefits of electric mobility and sustainable transportation. Share your experiences driving an EV on social media or with friends and family. Talk to your local government representatives and business leaders about initiatives and policies to promote EV adoption and build more public charging infrastructure.

Reduce Single-Occupancy Trips

Try walking, biking, or using public transit when possible instead of driving alone in your vehicle. Using e-bikes or e-scooters for short trips and commutes is an eco-friendly option if you live in a city. When you do drive, see if you can carpool with coworkers or neighbors headed the same direction. Fewer single-occupancy vehicles on the road means lower emissions and less traffic congestion.

Every action makes a difference in the fight against climate change. By driving electric, using renewable energy, spreading awareness about eco-friendly mobility options and reducing single-occupancy trips when you can, you’ll be doing your part to support a greener future for us all. Together, we can drive change.

Who is the CEO of TPCODL?

It is with pleasure that (TPCODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, announces the appointment of Mr. Arvind Singh as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the business. On June 1, 2023, Mr. Singh will begin serving in his new capacity.31-May-2023

Is TPCODL a Government or private company?

A joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited (TPCODL) is owned by Tata Power Company (51%), which also holds the majority stake.

What is the price of TPCODL per unit?

Tata Power Central Odisha Distribution Ltd.’s (TPCODL) Electricity Rate Per Unit, 2023

  • Residential connections have an average electricity rate of Rs. 7 per unit.
  • For commercial connections, the cost of electricity ranges from Rs. 7 to Rs. 10 per unit.
TPCODLSlabPer Unit Cost
0 – 50 UnitRs. 2.0
51 – 100 UnitRs. 2.50
0 – 150 Unit Rs. 2.75
151 – 250 UnitRs. 5.25
251 – 500 UnitRs. 6.30
501 – 800 UnitRs. 7.10
Above 801 Unit Rs. 7.10
CommercialRs. 7.52


So there you go, Odisha residents. In terms of sustainability and environmental friendliness, TPNODL is a leader. It is advantageous for everyone involved to work with PureEV to provide their workforce with accessible, zero-emission electric vehicles. While enjoying the financial savings and other advantages of driving an EV, their employees get to do their part for the environment. It translates to better air quality, less noise pollution, and a greener state for you. It’s inspiring to see well-established businesses take the reins on environmental initiatives and serve as role models for others. Let’s hope more people take TPNODL’s lead. Odisha, the world is going electric! Go for it.

More than 130 exclusive dealerships spread out across Pan India are part of Pure EV’s growing product portfolio.

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