Citroen is a French car producer that has been generating cars due to the fact that 1919. Despite its lengthy records and popularity for producing revolutionary and elegant automobiles, the logo has struggled to advantage a foothold within the Indian automobile marketplace. In this text, we will explore the reasons why Indians are not shopping for Citroen vehicles in large numbers.

Lack of Brand Recognition:

One of the key motives why Citroen is suffering in India is the dearth of logo reputation. Citroen is a particularly new logo within the Indian marketplace, and many purchasers won’t be aware of its merchandise or recognition. While Citroen has a robust popularity in Europe and other components of the sector, it has yet to establish itself as a family name in India.

This loss of emblem popularity is a sizable impediment for Citroen, as many Indian purchasers generally tend to stay with well-set up manufacturers that they consider. This can make it difficult for more moderen brands to gain traction within the market, mainly if they may be no longer capable to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Price Point:

Another component that can be hindering Citroen’s achievement in India is its fee factor. Citroen cars are placed at the top rate stop of the market, and their costs can be out of attain for lots Indian purchasers. This can restriction the capability purchaser base for Citroen, as many customers can be seeking out more low-cost alternatives.

While Citroen has tried to place itself as a top rate brand, this may now not be a prevailing method within the Indian market. Indian customers are acknowledged to be price-conscious and can be hesitant to spend a sizeable sum of money on a automobile, specially if they may be not acquainted with the brand.


The Indian car market is rather competitive, with many hooked up gamers offering a extensive range of models at numerous charge points. Citroen can be struggling to stand out in this crowded marketplace because it launched their cars in a wrong segment, specifically if it isn’t always in a position to differentiate itself from its competition.

Many Indian purchasers have robust logo alternatives and loyalty, and can be hesitant to interchange to a new emblem until it gives vast benefits over their modern choice like Tata, Toyota and Mahindra. Citroen can be locating it hard to persuade customers to pick their vehicles over those of extra set up manufacturers.

Lack of Awareness:

Another motive why Citroen is suffering in India can be a lack of expertise. Citroen might not be doing enough advertising or advertising to sell its logo and motors to Indian consumers, main to low attention and hobby.

Effective advertising and marketing and marketing can be crucial for brand new manufacturers attempting to break into a aggressive marketplace. Citroen might also want to invest extra in advertising and advertising and marketing to build awareness and generate interest among Indian clients.

Service and Support:

After-income carrier and aid may be a important issue for plenty Indian car consumers. If Citroen is not able to offer true provider and aid, it may negatively effect its sales.

Indian clients are acknowledged to be worrying in phrases of after-sales provider, and they’ll count on a high level of help from their vehicle producer. If Citroen is not capable of meet these expectations, it is able to result in negative phrase-of-mouth and a loss of repeat enterprise.


In end, there are several motives why Citroen is suffering to make an effect inside the Indian automobile marketplace. These encompass a loss of brand reputation, a high price point, severe competition, a lack of awareness, and potential issues with after-income carrier and help making the reason why are indians not buying citroen.

However, it is vital to word that Citroen remains noticeably new within the Indian marketplace, and it can take the time for the logo to establish itself and gain traction amongst Indian consumers. Citroen might also need to alter its strategy and marketing efforts to higher attraction

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