Agratas and Tata Technologies Collaborate To Hasten Battery Solutions for E-Mobility

In order to hasten the growth and industrialization of the e-mobility ecosystem, Tata Technologies collaborates with Agratas, the Tata Group’s worldwide battery business, by utilizing its knowledge of EV engineering and digital solutions.

In order to support the design, development, and production of battery solutions, Agratas, the global battery business of the Tata Group, and Tata Technologies have announced their partnership to expand Agratas’ enterprise systems and product development.

With more than 25 years of experience, Tata Technologies is a leader in digital engineering, digital manufacturing, product development, and supply chain management. In order to meet customer demands, Agratas will expedite the development of its products, incorporating battery cells into modules and packs for a variety of uses.

In order to support Agratas’ gigafactories in the UK and India in producing battery solutions, Tata Technologies is developing digital business architectures. The collaboration will benefit Agratas’ primary clients, Tata Motors and JLR, since the company plans to begin producing battery cells in 2026.

Agratas CEO Tom Flack stated: “Wearing Tata Technologies as a partner helps us to better pursue this goal by utilizing its competitive design, packaging, and integration of battery packs that are essential to the functionality of our customers’ products, ranging from energy-dense storage solutions to next-generation electric vehicles. In addition to maximizing business excellence and cross-group synergies, our partnership with Tata Technologies highlights the strategic advantages of being a member of the Tata Group.

Tata Technologies is helping Agratas to expand its operations by helping to hire qualified candidates and mobilize resources. Corporate, operational, and research roles as well as other roles in the battery solution value chain are covered by these resources.

“The trust awarded by Agratas reaffirms our long-standing expertise in electric vehicle engineering and digital transformation solutions for sustainable products,” stated Warren Harris, CEO and Managing Director of Tata Technologies. We think that by working together, we will be better able to design and integrate battery pack solutions into battery-electric vehicles. Agratas will also be able to deliver competitive battery solutions to its customers by speeding up the industrialization of its gigafactories in the UK and India.

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