CarInfo App crossed 50 million downloads | Became Most Popular Vehicle Management Platform.CarInfo App crossed 50 million downloads | Became Most Popular Vehicle Management Platform.

According to the company, the CarInfo App, which is available on both Android and iOS, has one million daily users from 100 Indian cities.

Over 50 million apps have been downloaded for CarInfo, an end-to-end vehicle management platform. Over the previous two quarters, the platform experienced 30% growth thanks to a notable increase in users and time spent. CarInfo is still a major force behind digital inclusion in the AutoTech sector, according to the company, having shown a strong adoption rate in installs and average user engagement in recent months.

CarInfo has quickly developed into an all-inclusive platform for vehicle management. Users benefit beyond just information services streamlining a variety of automotive transactions, including challans, FASTag, vehicle services, and accessories.

With its latest release of the AI-powered assistant, the company is becoming the best platform for car enthusiasts and facilitating easy car purchases. Additionally, CarInfo has created an ecosystem that makes it easier and safer for car owners and merchants to transact with one another through the launch of a specialized merchant app, essentially changing the shopping experience. CarInfo is a leader in the AutoTech sector, having performed more than 500,000 challenger searching.

Sahil Ajmani, the founder and CEO of CarInfo, stated: “CarInfo’s accomplishments reaffirm our dedication to revolutionizing the car ownership journey in India.” The World of Statistics reports that almost half of households own bikes, and the FADA report states that registrations for passenger cars are increasing at a rate of 20% annually.September 2023), the sector sees a significant increase in demand.”

“CarInfo stands out as a major player in this changing industry, poised to revolutionize it. The changing demands of Indian consumers are aligned with our dedication to providing an all-inclusive platform making sure that all facets of vehicle management are transparent, practical, and worry-free,” he continued.

In comparison to the 2022 season, the platform experienced a noteworthy 150% year-over-year surge in transactional users during the recent holiday season. This spike in demand was for a variety of transactional services like buying and selling cars, making Challan payments, getting a car loan, and doing transactions involving FASTag.

In addition, CarInfo is actively working with well-known auto industry players to improve their customer experience on a single platform. CarInfo’s dedication to simplifying and optimizing the vehicle management experience for its clientele is evident in this endeavor.

In order to provide individualized experiences, CarInfo plans to grow into new areas, add cutting-edge features, and make significant investments in deep tech and artificial intelligence. The company uses cutting edge AI technology to make decision-making easier for owners of both cars and bikes. CarInfo App is dedicated to improving the user experience and focuses on providing easy, safe, one-click transactions.

In a press release, the company stated that they are also targeting expansion in the electric vehicle (EV) market, particularly in the two-wheeler segment, within the Indian auto industry. They emphasized their commitment to enabling users with simple decision-making and safe transactions through technological advancements.

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