Lumax Presents LED Fog Lamp Projectors for Winter Driving Safety

The new fog lamp projectors from Lumax improve visibility and reduce accidents. They are made for a variety of car models and are intended to increase road safety during inclement weather.

Through its Aftermarket Division and the Lumax Tech Max brand, Lumax Auto Technologies has unveiled its line of LED fog lamp projectors. In the winter, when fog begins to form, the fog lamp becomes extremely important for passenger safety. An improvement over the current fog lamps are these LED fog lamp projectors.

These lights are intended to increase visibility in inclement weather and to enhance safety while driving. Because they are positioned lower than the headlights in the front of the vehicle, front fog lamp projectors can cut through mist, rain, dust, and fog. According to the company’s press release, they are made to emit a broad beam of light that resembles a beam with a sharp cutoff at the top to stop it from reflecting off of the fog.

Sr. EVP and Head of Lumax Auto Technologies’ Aftermarket Division Sanjay Bhagat stated, “They are made to be widely applicable and significantly improve visibility for all road users.” Our fog lamps seek to provide a smooth and safe driving experience by reducing traffic accidents, thereby encouraging a safer atmosphere for all.

These LED lamp projectors, which feature Japanese technology and design, have 80-watt LED chips that produce lighter, more energy-efficient light that can be seen for 800 meters. Compact and simple to install, the IP65 standard is completely sealed and waterproof.

Ninety percent of Indian car models can have these lamps installed because they are universally applicable and come in two and three-inch sizes. This projector lamp is easily accessible through the nationwide network of Lumax distributors and retailers in India and is covered by a 12-month warranty.

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