S-Oil Seven & Gulf Oil Lubricants Team Up To Increase Presence In India

Within its network in India, Gulf is the only company authorized to produce and market the S-Oil Seven line.

A Hinduja Group company, Gulf Oil Lubricants India is an Indian lubricant manufacturer that recently debuted the global S-Oil Seven line in India. Gulf Oil and the Kia India dealer network will collaborate to manage the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of OEM products. The product lineup includes a passenger car diesel engine oil variant in addition to a number of gasoline engine oil variants.

Using characteristics like a very high viscosity index found in base oils in the Group II/III class, the S-Oil Seven range includes fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, and premium lubricants. Moreover, it covers fully synthetic and synthetic transmission oils as well as mineral oils made for diesel engines.

Speaking about the alliance, Gulf Oil Lubricants India’s MD and CEO, Ravi Chawla, said, “Our successful partnership with S-OIL is a pioneering milestone as it marks the first time an S-OIL product is being manufactured beyond the borders of South Korea.” By advancing Korean technology to the forefront of Indian production capabilities, this accomplishment raises industry standards.

The S-Oil Seven range may only be produced and distributed by Gulf throughout its network in India.

“The business journey of S-Oil and Gulf Oil Lubricants will embark on a more wonderful voyage starting today, and S-Oil Seven will evolve into a new emerging leader in the Indian lubricant market,” said S H Son, Team Leader at S-OIL, in a statement regarding the partnership with Gulf Oil Lubricants in India.

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